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3D Printed Ford Capri seatbelt clips

These always break, or are missing altogether. These 3D printed variants are a close reproduction, with a few minor changes to improve performance. 

These screw to the rear doorcard on a Ford Capri.

Priced per pair, free UK postage

3D Printed Ford Capri Seatbelt Covers

These reproduction items were painstakingly 3D modelled over many months and only now am I happy with the quality to sell them.

These are nearly always missing or broken, even the genuine items I copied from were broken. 

I have beefed these up a bit, especially at the corner with the three slots, as this is the weakest spot. 


Price is £40 for the pair, including UK postage. 

3D Printed Ford Capri Xpack Bumper Endcap Plates.

The Xpack bodykit has a rather annoying indent in where the bumper endcap clips are meant to slot into, so therefore you cant use the standard Mk3 capri clips, and have to resort to bolting them on. 


I have designed this plate that rivets on at the 4 corners, to allow use of the standard clips. I figured doing this in plastic would be beneficial so this broe before the fibreglass bodykit… 


Priced per pair, front and rear are different. 


£20 per pair, or £30 for all 4