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Ford Capri Bonnet Ram Kit

Everything you need to fit a bonnet ram kit to your Ford Capri! Do away with that annoying bonnet stay and create so much more room for activities under the bonnet. 

Kit consists of;

  • Brand new bonnet rams
  • Ball fittings for each end
  • Powder-coated strut top rings with ram brackets

To fit, you need to drill one hole each side on the bonnet hinge plate(pictured), and the rest bolts on in 20 minutes max. 


Please note this will not fit if you already have a strut brace, but I can sell the tabs and rams only for you to weld on yourself. 


I will hopefully have a strut brace ready for manufacture in the next few months.


Price is £75 posted within UK

Ford Capri Sunroof Handle

Ford Capri sunroof handle £80 posted within UK

Ford Capri Tailgate Struts

These are brand new items, suited to the later ball fitting ends. 

This is for a PAIR, and they come with plastic ends, not the metal ends pictured.

As you can see by the pictures, these are far superior to standard struts, and will hold up even the turbo tail spoiler! 

Fully conductive to allow the rear window electrics to work.

£32.50 including UK postage! 

Ford Sierra Hatchback Tailgate Struts/Rams

Brand new tailgate struts for a Sierra Hatch. 

KDG 3D Printed Keyring

Choose from the designs above, I will add more over time!

KDG Logo Short Sleeve T-Shirt

Short sleeve T-shirt with the ‘Kris Dupreys Garage’ logo on the chest.

Excellent quality, and its got a twin turbo V6 on the front… what more could you want??

These will be ordered from the supplier as required due to the amount of size/colour variations, so please allow for this when ordering. 


Many thanks



KDG Wooly Hat!

Keep your head warm in style with the new ‘KRIS DUPREY’S GARAGE’ Wooly hat! 


One size fits all!

Uncut dash fascia

Uncut dash fascia for a Ford Capri 


In really good condition bar the broken middle tab. This doesn’t affect its use, and can’t be seen once the lower dash plastics are fitted 

£95 posted within UK

Ford Capri replacement heater motor

Replacement heater motor for Mk2/3 Capri heater box


You will need to strip the heater box down to gain access to this motor, if you do not feel comfortable doing this, I offer a fitting service if you send the heater box to me. If you wish to avail of this, select the appropriate option before purchasing! 

Supply only – Price includes FREE shipping within UK! 

Supply and fit option includes the return postage ONLY, and this again is within UK. Buyer is responsible for getting the heater box to me initially. 

Please note, for the fitting service this can take a few weeks from the date you send it to me. If the heater resistor or matrix are defective, this will cost extra, but I will of course contact before doing anything. 

Many thanks as always 



2.8 boot carpet

Deep pile carpet for 2.8

Needs a clean and new poppers 

Free UK post